​Safety Culture

Sapura Navegação Marítima S. A.​ is totally committed to an incident-free working environment, through the definition of clear procedures, efficient communication by means of a specific management system and investment in the capacity building of its workforce.

IMS – Integrated Management System

The IMS – Integrated Management System focusing on Quality, Health, Safety and Environment – provides structured access to risk management, in compliance with rules and regulations, and adopting the practice of continuous system improvement.

IMS revisions ensure that the system continually contributes towards the achievement of the goals outlined by the company over time.

Among the several tools that the system features, we can highlight:

  • Procedures;
  • Manuals;
  • Job Instructions;
  • Risk Analysis (PRI);
  • Permit to Work;
  • Pre-job Planning;
  • Lock and Tag;
  • Management of Change;
  • Observation Cards;
  • Behavior Auditing;
  • Accident Investigation and Reporting.

QHSE Key Points


At Sapura Navegação Marítima S/A, we continually strive to improve our performance in order to comply with all legislation and rules while managing the risks of our business.


A dedicated medical group in our maritime units provides specialized medical care to the entire crew. A health program is available to identify all the risks our crews are exposed to and define the necessary medical examinations to track the effects of all these identified risks on the workforce’s health.

Health programs are regularly presented on board so as to disseminate important care to improve the well-being of all employees.


Sapura’s main goal is to have an accident-free working environment. No lost time accident is acceptable. The commitment of all is paramount to achieve this objective.

By maintaining a good working environment and through the implementation of systematic and preventive efforts, we strive to achieve the company’s QHSE goals of zero accidents, damage or loss.

Training to comply with legislation, as well as to enhance competence, are also contemplated in Sapura’s IMS system.


Zero oil spills at sea are foreseen in Sapura’s environmental goals. Our vessels are designed so that spills are contained on board and do not reach the ocean.​

Emergency Response

Sapura has an Emergency Response Plan that contemplates all undesirable scenarios, identified by a complete analysis of all the risks involved with our kind of operation.​