People Management

Sapura Brazil offers a high-performance environment with continuous investment in technical training. We seek recognition for our resilience and innovation. This instigating environment is essential for us to attain the best international standard possible, with the aim of establishing ourselves as the market reference, with motivated professionals willing to grow with the company.

Our focus on innovation can be observed in the creation of our Human Resources area symbol, which seeks to mirror the names of our ships and our corporate values and ideas. Our values, ethics and ideals are the primary tools in the management and development of our team.

We are a young company with huge challenges. Yet, we always seek for more.

Our vessels are rich in culture and learning experience. We bring together people with different experiences, backgrounds and nationalities. Around 15% of our offshore employees are expatriates, from many different places, and in all, we have 21 ​countries represented on board.

In our training, we seek to establish a balance between highly skilled and experienced professionals, with young people full of potential. We continuously invest in the empowerment of our workforce and we commit ourselves to being trainers of good professionals. In this way, we have become one of the greatest creators of the new Brazilian offshore market and many of those who build a successful career in Sapura have had their first job here.

As part of our familiarization and development initiatives in the workplace, the employees had the opportunity to embark on our first ships to acquire experience while awaiting the arrival of our next vessels. Occasionally, there’s also had the opportunity to accompany the commissioning of our new vessels at our partners IHC Merwede’s shipyard, in Rotterdam, Holland, and OSX, in Rio de Janeiro.

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SETA – Sapura Excellence Training Academy

Sapura is proud to be a training and transformative company. That’s why we created our own training and development program, with strategy and material specially designed for the internal professionals’ careers.

Within SETA (Sapura Excellence Training Academy), there are various professional improvement programs, such as training and career development tracks in ROV and Launch, the merchant marine practitioner development program, leadership courses, Capacete Verde program, succession plan, English and Portuguese on board classes, 90º and 180º Performance Evaluation, Training Matrices, Sapura Mentorship, competency mapping and On The Job Training.

Another example is the internal courses provided in eLearn (online platform) for our employees. Most of them are professional and behavioral improvement training. To make things easier, we have dedicated tablets for these courses on every ship and office. The idea is that employees can easily access the platform during the free period to further improve their knowledge.

Sapura has also developed its own teaching material to train and update professionals in the Offshore Line Launching market. All the knowledge available in our 40 published workbooks comes from the theoretical and practical experience of some of the most prominent names in the ROV and Line Launching areas, which are also part of the Sapura team. Our teaching materials are treated as intellectual property of great value and have copyright registered in the ISBN (International Standard Book Number).

LTC – Training Center

Within SETA, Sapura develops its own training center. The Lapidary Training Center (LTC) is a specially developed place to train and improve our professionals. Located in Duque de Caxias, RJ, and with a 460m² area, the place houses four technical laboratories (hydraulic, electrical, electronics and mechanics), a classroom and two powerful simulators (for Line Launching and ROV).

Opened on January 15th, 2015, the LTC has already offered training and development courses for hundreds of professionals. As a result of a strong investment from Sapura, the place is one of the company’s most important initiatives within SETA.

Determined to be a reference, we become accustomed to pioneering. The ROV Line Launching and Operations courses, taught in the LTC, are examples of this. Focusing on quality, we have developed the world’s first line launching simulator!  Thus, the classes are composed of theoretical and practical classes, taught by our own employees who have already become specialists.

Internal Communication

For Sapura, communication is a serious matter. We understand that well-informed and knowledge-sharing professionals have their potential and develop together.

That’s why we have developed simple and fast channels of internal communication. Our intranet brings together all the necessary tools for the different internal procedures, and it also brings updated content to employees.

Our internal TV is treated as the main communication tool, right after the face-to-face chat.

By SapuraTV, we have been able to use technology in our favor. We have the same message delivered to all our ships (regardless of where they are sailing) and offices (Rio de Janeiro, Duque de Caxias and Vienna). Through postings, animations and video productions, we share safety and wellness tips, we give info about the world’s major events and make everyone aware of the company’s news.

SapuraTV is also a space for recognition and learning. We encourage our employees to design the content and be the protagonists of our broadcasts. There are also moments of interaction and fun.

Social Responsability - Sapura do Bem

In order to deal with issues related to social and environmental field, we created the Sapura do Bem committee, a permanent corporate governance body. The group is made up of volunteer and engaged employees who devote part of their time for developing internal awareness and donation campaigns, and follow the incentive laws projects supported by the company. The idea arose from our constant challenge of generating internal and external encouragement to social transformation, through the impartiality and transparency of management.

The mission of the committee is to invest in culture, education and environmental protection, with Social Projects and Campaigns that contribute to the building of citizenship and promote awareness of the “good” practices among Sapura employees. With this, we hope to generate more ideas and actions aimed at changing the societies in which we are inserted.

Among the main productions conducted by our group, there are four books published in 2018:


A Ética no Cotidiano: prêmio literário do ensino fundamental, coletânea 2018

Through the “Prêmio Literário do Ensino Fundamental”, we expanded our impact on society by encouraging students from public schools to develop texts of different genres about their realities and 31 of which would be selected to integrate the already published book named Ética no Cotidiano.  On November 14th, 2018, 133 students from 15 schools were awarded prizes. With the training of students and teachers, the award seeks to stimulate reading, writing, creativity, critical thinking, ability to express themselves through art and young people teamwork in public schools for solving problems from the methodology of Design Thinking, based on the book “Acredite” by André Bello and Ana Helena Behring. Idealized in Sapura, the project was made possible by the Municipal Law for Cultural Promotion – ISS Law, placed in the “Culture+Diversity” axis of Rio de Janeiro.


Ensaio sobre o azul: acima e abaixo do horizonte

The book is a graphic project of extreme beauty and reflection. By blending colors and striking contexts, Ensaios sobre o azul leads us to think of nature under new perspectives through immersion and completeness involvement.

Composed of incredible photos and precise captions, the production becomes a work of art, proposing a new perspective at the vastness of the sky and the sea, creating comparisons and philosophies, and also generating empathy. Um caminho sem volta.

A work capable of offering such a high impact and charm has proven to be a fundamental alternative to discussing the environment through sensitive perspectives.



We believe that the search for a more fair, equal and sustainable society should be the goal of every individual and institution. Following this thought, Sapura engaged in the production of the book Embarcados, another project that seeks to broaden the world’s perceptions through two fundamental pillars of society: culture and education.

The book shows us the Blue Amazon, Brazilian maritime territory, by the look of those who depend on it day by day.  The project emerged from the routine observation that the sea, besides harboring an immeasurable economic, environmental and scientific potential, is also the scenery of rich, curious, full of meaning and emotion stories. It is a production able of capturing the attention of the most diverse readers through beautiful images and instigating texts.

The similarities between the Green Amazon and the Blue Amazon are numerous, starting with the enormous area covered by each one: the legal Amazon is about 3.2 million square kilometers and the Blue Amazon, 4.5 million (52% of all territory Brazilian). The enormous biodiversity found in both areas is another common point and it brings innumerable possibilities of scientific discoveries and advances!

Only those who daily live the challenge of exploring the resources of the oceans know the importance of respecting and preserving them.


O Velho Marinheiro: a história da vida do Almirante Tamandaré.

Celebrating the Sailor’s Day (December 13th, 2018), Sapura entered into a partnership with the Brazilian Navy and L&PM Editores to launch the book called “O Velho Marinheiro – a história da vida do Almirante Tamandaré”.

The work brings a biography of the Patron of the Brazilian Navy, Admiral Joaquim Marques Lisboa. Better known as Marquês de Tamandaré, the Admiral dedicated his entire life to the Brazilian Navy and played an important role in periods of transition in the country’s history. Among the curiosities of his life, the work records that the Marquês de Tamandaré was fundamental in the fight to end of slavery in Brazil.


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