Our Fleet

Our fleet is fundamentally comprised of submarine service vessels designed primarily to support, install and launch flexible pipelines, called PLSVs – Pipe Laying Support Vessels, and by a passenger and dry cargo ship, a total of 7 vessels.


There are six PLSVs in operation: Diamante, Topázio, Ônix, Jade, Esmeralda and Rubi. Named after gemstones, our vessels have the highest operational standards and are operated by an even more valuable team, a mix of highly experienced professionals and extremely qualified beginners.

These are responsible for interconnecting oil wells to manifolds and oil and gas production units, known as FPSOs (Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading).

Our ships are among the sturdiest in the industry, measuring 30m wide and 146m long, with a 60m-high vertical lay tower. In the vessels, there are two carousels that allow the storage of up to 4 thousand tons of flexible pipes and lines for operations. Each vessel also has two ROVs – Remotely Operated Vehicles – responsible for underwater maneuvering operations.


Technical Characteristics​

All 550t PLSV ships are mostly identical vessels, which allows for a series of benefits, such as standardized maintenance and operation.

The only PLSVs unit of our that is not in that model is Sapura Esmeralda. It is a Brazilian flag vessel, a little smaller (300-ton capacity), and that has a hangar dedicated to their ROVs. ​