Who We Are

​​​​​​​​​Sapura is a Brazilian company specialized in subsea services, a joint venture between two international key players in their markets, Seadrill and Sapura Energy.

We are one of the leading subsea services players in the Brazilian market, ​​with a fleet of six submarine service vessels working as support, installation and flexible pipe laying (Diamante, Topázio, Ônix, Jade, Esmeralda and Rubi​). A current workforce encompassing more than 1000 professionals, with 18 different nationalities.

In Brazil, we are headquartered in downtown Rio de Janeiro, but we also have offices in Caxias, Macaé and Vitória. In Europe, our office is in Vienna, Austria. Through our shareholders, Sapura has global presence in over 20 countries including England, Malaysia, China, Australia, Singapore, the USA and representatives from Africa and from the Middle East.

Sapura Energy

Sapura Energy (Sapura Energy Berhad) is one of the world’s largest integrated oil and gas services and solutions providers. Sapura’s full spectrum of capabilities covers the entire upstream value chain of exploration, development, production, rejuvenation, and decommissioning and abandonment. With a multinational workforce comprising 51 nationalities and over 7,500 people, the Group’s global presence can be seen in over 20 countries, including Malaysia, China, Australia, Mexico, the United States of America, Brazil, some countries from West Africa, and the Middle East.

See more: http://sapuraenergy.com


Seadrill is one of the world leaders in offshore deepwater drilling. Its purpose is to offer services to its clients in the safest, most efficient possible way. The Company operates with more than 9,000 employees and a versatile fleet of 53 units that comprises drillships, jack-ups, semi-submersibles and tender rigs for operations in shallow to ultra-deepwater areas, in both harsh and benign environments.

See more: http://www.seadrill.com/


Our vision is to keep us as a benchmark in providing technically competent and reliable subsea engineering services in the eyes of our customers, employing advanced technology and operational intelligence.

For us, setting the standard in Subsea Services means:

  • Taking the lead;
  • Being energetic and inspiring;
  • Setting examples to be followed;
  • Reaching ambitious goals;
  • Being demanding;
  • Challenging ourselves and our customers;
  • Being proud of the work we do;

It also means that we believe it is possible for us to operate without injuries in all activities.

Our vision defines what we intend to achieve.


Through specialized team and extensive knowledge, our mission is to develop projects, planning from the Engineering phase to the Installation phase, successfully executing the demands and making us the most important partner of our customers.

Our Values

Our corporate culture embodies six core values, which are critical for decision-making and fundamental to our operation. These values define our identity and cannot be compromised. ​

  • Safety
    We look after each other. We don’t want anyone to get hurt. We carefully plan our services to safely execute operations and we immediately respond to unsafe or unsatisfactory conditions.
  • Agility
    We are efficient and perform activities in accordance with best practice, following Sapura’s values and internal procedures.
  • Proactivity
    We are proactive. We are innovative and inventive. We embrace change and always seek new opportunities.
  • Unit
    We reward teamwork initiatives. We believe in the union of efforts to maximize the results achieved. We are ethical and collaborative with others.​
  • Responsibility
    We act with integrity and intelligence in everything we do.
  • Always seek for Operational Improvements
    We invest in our workforce. We believe that a skilled and experienced team makes a huge difference. We share ideas and information. We listen to our customers and act on what they say. We reward great performance and use it as an example to be followed.

Our Values define how we will achieve our vision. ​​